Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fence and Barn Paint Freight

Shipping Fence Paint

Some of the more frequently asked questions we receive here at Lexington Paint & Supply involve the process of shipping our fence and barn paints to our customers. In this blog I will cover many of the questions and concerns that we get involving the shipping process. The question we hear the most when it comes to shipping our fence and barn paint is obviously “How much will it cost?” The cost of shipping is determined by the weight of the shipment, as well as the destination. The more the shipment weighs and the further the shipment has to travel will obviously effect the cost of shipping. There is always a minimum freight charge. For example, a 500 lb shipment is normally going to be the same as a 100 lb shipment. As your shipment increases in weight, the price of the shipment will increase. It often times makes sense to purchase more material in order to take advantage of effectively free freight. This avoids the potential for a second minimum if more material is needed. We are always happy to identify the exact number of pails that can be shipped at the minimum charge or the exact quantity of material in order to get to the next freight break.

Another common question that we hear a lot involving our shipping is “How long will it take the shipment to arrive?” We are located near Lexington, KY and generally speaking, shipments that are going to states that border Kentucky are going to be a next day point to the delivering terminal. States that don’t border Kentucky are generally going to be a 2 day point such as Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, etc. States that are in the northeast like New York or Vermont and states in the mid-west like Kansas or Nebraska will generally be a 3 day point. This is a very general rule and may vary slightly. Freight companies sell their service with shipment times. We are always happy to look up the exact shipment time required.

Another question our customers have about the shipping process is “Can I have this shipment sent to my address, or do I have to pick it up at a terminal?” You can absolutely pick your shipment up at a terminal if that would be easier, or if it’s more convenient we can send the Fence and Barn paint directly to your address. When we ship freight to your address there are a few things you need to be mindful of, the most important being whether or not a tractor trailer will be able to get in AND out of your property. If a tractor trailer can’t get in and out of your property then you can either pick the shipment up at a terminal or you can meet the driver. When delivering to the home address the delivery time may add a day. So if it is a next day point to the delivering terminal the delivery will most likely deliver next day or whenever the appointment is scheduled. The next thing to consider is if you have a way to get the shipment off of the trailer. A good rule for drums is 500 pounds each. This will vary with the exact product but equipment is generally needed to unload these. Our 5 gallon pails can generally be unloaded by hand without equipment. Our shipments come on standard wooden pallets that can be unloaded with standard equipment. If you don’t have access to this when the truck arrives, we can make sure the freight company uses a truck with a lift gate to easily drop your shipment on site. We ship our Fence and Barn paint on a daily basis here at Lexington Paint & Supply, and will work with you and the freight companies to seamlessly ship your paint wherever you need it. 

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