Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hand Painting Fence Rollers

Hi Everyone,

As everyone gears up for spring 2016 and our 35th painting season, we wanted to do another post about hand painting fence. As we previously mentioned in a lot of "small job" cases it is easier and more efficient to complete your fence painting job with rollers as opposed to spraying. 

That being said we have finally found and are stocking what we think is the perfect roller for equine and agriculture fence work. We now carry 7" thick nap rollers, frames, and bucket grids. We chose the heaviest roller frame we could find. We believe these will stand up to the abuse of painting fence.

The benefit of 7" over 9" is less wasted roller resulting in more paint getting on the fence rather than on you and the ground. 7" rollers allow you to cover the entire board at once without having to double stroke as you would with a smaller roller. 

We have seen over the years that thick nap rollers are far superior to shorter nap rollers and brushes. Our roller covers have a 1 1/4" thick nap. These allow you to paint virtually the entire fence without picking up a brush, saving time and energy. This nap allows you to jab the roller around all areas of the posts, especially on the backside of where the boards meet the post. The thick nap also allows fewer strokes to cover the entire post as the roller moves more freely to match the contour of the post.

It is important to note that rough sawed fence lumber is hard on roller covers. The wood fibers are very apt to pull and tug at roller covers shortening their life. Do not expect one roller cover to last all day. 

These rollers are the most cost effective way of DIY painting. We chose to carry this line of roller covers and frames based on customer feedback. Everyone seemed to like the product test last fall.  Call us or stop by for pricing, you can’t beat our paint quality or prices anywhere and we are confident we have the best bang for your buck hand painting equipment out there as well.

Thanks everyone for the continued business and we look forward to serving you into the future. 

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