Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Empty 55 Gallon Drums Used and Disposal

Empty Fence and Barn paint Drums


Another common question that we get here at Lexington Paint & Supply, is “What can I do with my leftover Drums?”  We will absolutely take back the empty fence and barn paint drums, but we DO NOT give credit. These empty fence and barn paint drums are going to have a negative value sitting on your property, so it is critical to dispose of them in a timely manner. There are a few possible ways to get rid of these fence and barn paint drums:

-First and foremost, ALWAYS store the drums laying on their side. This will help keep water from entering the drums at night. During the day when it’s warm, heated air produces pressure, which exits through the top opening (either with or without a Bung). At night when it cools down it reverses to suck air back inside the drum. If the drums are stored standing up, the water on top of the drum will rapidly fill the drum. This is VERY IMPORTANT because we will not take drums back that have water inside them. Drums will accumulate water very quickly standing upright. We have seen drums completely filled in just several months.

-Second, always replace the Bung in the top of the drum to help keep the fence and barn paint from drying. Dried paint can cause problems if the drum is reused.

-One option to dispose of the empty fence and barn paint drums is to load the drums up and bring them back yourself. Depending on where you’re located, this can be the most efficient way of returning your empty drums.

-Another option is we can pick the empty fence and barn paint drums up from your farm in our truck. How many empty drums you have, as well as where you’re located, is going to determine when or if we can pick those drums up with our truck. Large numbers are no problem, but for just a few drums we like to have our truck in the area.

-For those not located in central Kentucky, another option you have to dispose of your leftover fence and barn paint drums is to ship them back to us. When shipping back the empty drums, everything must be pre-arranged and approved prior to the shipment. Again, if there is any water in the empty fence and barn paint drums when we receive them, we will not accept them and send the drums back with the freight company.

- Another option you have when deciding what to do with your empty fence and barn paint drums is to use the drums for scrap metal or trash cans. *DO NOT USE CUTTING TORCH, WELDER OR GRINDER ON FENCECOAT BLACK DRUMS. THE PRODUCT IS FLAMABLE.*

-If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this process, please call us at (859)885-7276.

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